29 May 2014

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Asia Max Challenge 2014 (Round 3)
24-25 May 2014, Malaysia Sepang International Karting Circuit.

Asia Max round 3 was originally scheduled to be held at Pekan but then it was changed to Sepang. Jon is returning to race at the track where he experienced the kart flipping incident. For this round, the team arrive earlier on Thursday evening to test. After just a few sessions, it seems that Jon is already up to pace.  Confidently preparing to go faster on Friday but further testing revealed some problems with the engine and set-up. As the track condition changes, Jon’s pace seems to be getting worst.

Sat Qualifying saw Jon only managed to secure 26th position from the 35 drivers. The qualifying time he set was much slower than Fridays’ testing times. It was definitely not the position that the team anticipated as compared to the last race at Elite where Jon qualified 8th. Nevertheless, he was able to gain back some positions in Heat 1 and 2, 16th and 19th respectively.

In Pre-Final, Jon starts from position 17th but a pile up in turn one saw Jon dropped all the way to the back and he can only complete the race at 28th. In the Final, Jon’s engine seemed to have severe power loss. Even after gaining some positions, he was not able to defend on the straights and eventually ended at 24th position. The team immediately started investigating the engine and kart set-up thoroughly to find the root of the problem upon returning. It can be see that due to Jon’s physique change as he grows taller, the set-up is no longer suitable. Based on that, the team worked to re-set the kart in every aspect and will test to find the right ones before next race in Perlis.

Perlis will be a new track for everyone and Jon is hopeful to regain his performance again.

4 May 2014

Asia Max Challenge 2014 (Round 2)

Asia Max Challenge 2014 (Round 2)
26-27 April 2014, Elite Speedway Malaysia

It has been one and a half months after Jon’s horrific race incident during AMC Rd1, as Jon prepared himself to race again. This time, he will be using the Kosmic kart from his AKOC 2013 races.

Picture courtesy of www.rotaxasia.com (Mr Ben Leong) 

Anticipating wet races, Jon headed to Elite Speedway to regain his racing confidence again. Qualifying on Saturday was quite reasonable for Jon as he managed to secure position 8th from 32 drivers. In heat 1, the start was good as he avoided a pile up at turn 1 but soon found himself being pushed into the grass at turn 4. After dropping to the back of the grid, he climbed his way back to 15th.

On Sunday morning, heat 2 started without much incident and Jon was trying to catch the front runners. After about 6 laps, it seems that his kart was losing power while exiting the corners. Jon struggled to keep his pace and ended the 15 laps in position 12th. The situation did not improve for the Pre-Final where he eventually finished at 15th position. In the Final, the team was hoping for the rain as engine power will be less of a factor. The rain did fall eventually but if was after the Juniors race has ended. As the engine problem persisted, Jon can only finish the race at position 17th. After some debriefing, it was found that some carburation issue may have caused the lacking in pace after certain laps.

Picture courtesy of www.rotaxasia.com (Mr Ben Leong) 

Picture courtesy of www.kartingasia.com 

Next round will be changed from Pekan track to Sepang. Hopefully, the team will be able to eliminate the engine issue.

5 April 2014

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Treatment

It was a miracle that Jon suffered only minor injuries after he flipped out of his kart on 9 March during round 1 of the Asia Max Challenge 2014 (AMC) in Malaysia’s Sepang International Karting Circuit.

However, a further medical check showed that the muscle on his right leg was quite badly torn. As a result, his right hip, calf and even toes were weakened. The doctor put him on rehab and physio treatment and we’re relieved that it has helped to correct his walking and standing posture. The treatment will also ensure his muscle heals properly.

Using a Trigger Ball to massage and relief pain.

After a few treatments, Jon is on his way to recovery. He will begin his first training on 5 April to prepare himself for round 2 of AMC which will be held from 26-27 April 2014.

We would like to thank all the staff at Singapore Sports Institute Medical Centre for their kind assistance, patience and care.

Wearing coloured sports tape after treatment.