26 July 2010

Rotax Max Challenge 2010 (RMC) Round 4

Rotax Max Challenge 2010 (RMC) Round 4
24-25 July 2010, Malaysia (Pekan, Kuantan Racing Track)

This year RMC round 4 was held together with Asia Max Challenge Round 3. There were about 90 drivers participating. Some drivers from Macau, Japan, China and Thailand but mainly from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore competing in the Micromax, Junior, Senior, Master and DD2 category. I was racing with 20 drivers in the Micromax category.

After three sessions of testing on the newly re-configured track, my lap times were competitive and among the top eight drivers, even with old worn out tyres. I was hopeful to get a podium spot and erase the bad memory of being bumped out last year while chasing the guy who started at pole position. On race day, surprisingly, even with the forecast of rain but it was the opposite, extremely hot.

From the Qualifying through the Heats, I had the pace to follow the top five drivers, grabbing sixth spot to start in the Pre-Finals. Unfortunately, it was history repeating itself, just like last year, while battling in front during Pre-Finals, I was involved in an accident with one of the top driver and dropped back all the way to 19th. No time to be despaired and just salvage the best I can starting from the end, targeting to finish among top 10 in the Finals.

Just as the Final race was flagged off, rain started falling and the marshals stopped the race to declare it as a Wet Race (choice of rain tyres or slicks was opened). I remained on slicks just as all the other drivers because the passing shower has stopped. The race started with incidents at turn 2 and 3 as many drivers spun off due to the slippery conditions. As I steered out of trouble, that propelled me to 12th spot. With 14 laps to go, I managed to overtake another four drivers and effectively came back at eighth position. I guess luck is always not on my side in Pekan but considering that I came back from the last to eighth spot and clocking the second fastest time, it was a job well done.

Reported by: Jon

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