13 December 2009

Young, Fast & Furious

Source: http://kartingsingapore.com

Motorsports is attracting greater attention from government sectors via projects such as the Sports Hub and the Changi track site. The race is on for several private sector firms seeking first movers advantage in positioning themselves to leverage on these new developments. All this is good for the motorsport industry as a whole - as enthusiasts, retailers and sports organisations realise that they exist in a symbiotic relationship in which working together can lead to growth in the enthusiast community.

Today’s article is not just about the resurgence of karting as a hobby sport in Singapore. In fact, it has more in common with the Law of Averages - i.e. the belief that a rare occurrence will happen given enough time.Today’s article  is about the emergence of future champions of motorsport who start their racing career with a foundation in kart racing. Hindsight as they say is 20:20 and so whilst we do not claim to see the future, we can share insight to a few of our young individuals making waves in the local karting scene.

Jon Lee
Jon is the son of James Lee, a three time winner of the yearly Rotax Max Challenge series in Malaysia. Jon is presently racing the MicroMax category and in the recent RedWhite Sangari international invitational event at the Sepang track in Malaysia, he took a final placing of 3rd placing in the MicroMax category. SingaporeSingapore.sg had an article about Jon which can be read at the following link:  Singaporesports.sg

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