8 November 2010

Asian Karting Open Championship 2010 4-7 Nov

Jon's maiden trip to Bangkok Racing Circuits

There were many firsts for Jon.
First time participating in the Asian Karting Open Championship 2010 (AKOC).
First time racing outside Singapore and Malaysia.
First time racing on Bangkok Racing Circuit (BRC).
First time driving a Birel Kart.

We were told that the BRC track was mainly used for drifting events. The track was just re-surfaced but some parts were breaking up during the race. This track has a long straight with two right turns (like a parabolic) that the drivers can go at full bore.

We arrived at the track on Thursday morning and noticed that most of the karters have already started practising since Wednesday. It was a new learning experience for Jon and his dad using a new chassis that was rented and the engine was handcarried from Singapore to Bangkok.

Unfortunately, due to some mis-arrangement, Jon had to use a short wheel base kart compared to a standard cadet chassis. This has compromised his race from the beginning because a short chassis is only suitable for a short, tight and twisty track. Jon only had two sessions of testing due to kart assembly and brake failure.

On Friday, his mechanic has just managed to set the kart to the best he can with three practise sessions but do not have time to optimize the engine performance. The whole package was low in bottom and lacking top speed too.

A poor qualifying and during one of the heats, the plug cable came loose and caused Jon's position to drop all the way to the back. With Sheer determination and make the most out of an uncompetitive engine and chassis, Jon managed to come back 14th among 17 drivers.

Hope that the next AKOC race will be less troubled and will be an enjoyable competitive race.

With less than one week to go, Jon will be racing this weekend again at the Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship, which is the last and final race. Look out for a new sponsor's logo which will be unveiled and added onto Jon's racing suit and kart.

More pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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