1 December 2010

Plus Yamaha Sl International Challenge 2010

Plus Yamaha Sl International Challenge 2010
25-28 November 2010, Speedway PLUS Circuit, Malaysia

Jon: I pledge.........road safety
Not knowing what to expect for racing first time in the KT100 Yamaha race, proved to be more difficult than expected. Jon's dad acting as his mechanic had no idea that this simple engine can be so unpredictable.

On Day One (Thursday), after drawing the kart and engine through balloting, everything was fine but the mechanic was not able to find the right carburetion setting. Jon's pace was always in the mid pack. All the testing on Friday were also wasted as it was found that the pulse tube was loose and not pumping enough fuel to the system.

With no time to find the correct carburetion setting, Qualifying ended with Jon at 14th spot from a total of 23 drivers. It did not help that he spun out in Heat 2 and Pre-finals that Jon had to start in the Finals at 21st spot.

As there was nothing to lose, the mechanic adjusted the carburetion to the extreme setting. It turned out to be the right thing to do as the engine surprisingly delivered optimum power. The Final race started without any major incidents and in just a few laps, Jon stormed his way forward by overtaking 11 drivers, trailing behind Kart No. 3 who was the 2010 Yamaha Overall Champion. Unfortunately, Jon was stuck behind the champ, who was driving extremely defensive for about five laps. Eventually, drivers from the back caught up and as a result of some tussling, Jon's kart was thrown air bound and landed with a bent axle, officially ending his race with a DNF (did not finish).

Even though, Jon did not manage to finish the race but knowing that he had the pace and the mechanic was finally able to get the carburetion right, he was satisfied and eager to compete in the same class again.

Hopefully, if next year Yamaha races do not coincide with his exams, he will be able to do some of the rounds and show his skills again.

pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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