10 January 2011

Rotax Invitational Race 2011

Rotax Invitational Race 2011
8-9 January 2011, Malaysia Sepang Kart Circuit

9 January 2011 at 11.30pm - An overly exhausted Jon reached home with his glass plague prominently engraved with 3rd Micromax ROTAX INVITATIONAL RACE 2011. What a great achievement to kick start the Year of Rabbit!

26 cadets from 6 countries (India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand) competed fiercely in the Micromax category. Jon experienced many "turbulences" throughout the race days.

Jon's campaign started with waking up at 4am to follow his dad from home to Sepang on Friday (7 Jan). While most of the drivers had been practising since Wednesday (5 Jan), Jon only have one day to get his setting right.

The sky was dark and gloomy on Sat (8 Jan) but it held throughout the day. Just like the sky, Jon's qualifying was not as bright too as he only managed 13th proving that the one day set-up was not optimum at all. In Heat 1, after some adjustments, Jon was making good progress but as a result of a lock-up to avoid a crash, he dropped to 15th.

It was a bright and hot Sunday (9 Jan) morning and Jon made a strong comeback by finishing 8th in Heat 2. Pre-Final was the turning point for Jon. With a good start and some great overtaking moves, Jon stormed his way to 2nd. Jon's kart was set to perform when it is hot but as the Final was about to start at the grid, the weather turned gloomy again. He was fighting for every position furiously but the kart only started performing by Lap10. With 5 laps to go, it was too late to charge forward and he managed to overtake one more driver on the last lap to finish at 6th. Nevertheless, due to technical infringement and jump start penalties on the front three drivers, Jon was promoted to 3rd.

Among the 12 representatives from Singapore who took part in the Cadet, Junior and Master category, Jon returned home with the best results.

Jon is looking forward to attend and receive his Nescafe Karting Championship Award on 21st January 2011, which is organised by the Singapore Motor Sports Association.

pictures of the race can be viewed here...(My gallery) , here...(www.eikoms.com) ,
here...(facebook of KartingAsia.com) and here...(facebook of KartingAsia.com) Part 2

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