26 January 2011

Ngee Ann Primary School Assembly 26 January 2011

Jon was selected by the Vice Principal, Mr Soon Woo Sin to go on stage to announce and acknowledge his recent achievements in go karting - 3rd position in Rotax Invitation Race 2011 on 9 January and crowned cadet champion in the Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship 2010 on 21 January.

Jon was interviewed by the Subject Head, Mr Muhammad Faizal and was asked the following:

There are a total of 4 pledges in Ngee Ann Primary School:
1) Respectfulness our Nature
2) Resilience our Fortitude
3) Integrity our Cornerstone
4) Commitment our Pledge
Which is your favourite Pledge and why?

Jon's answer:
"Commitment our Pledge" is my favourite Pledge.
As I commit myself in my studies and pursue my passion in go karting.

What is your tip(s) for pupils who also want to pursue their dream?

Jon's answer:
You must strike a balance in your studies and you can pursue your dream during your free time.

It ended with Mr Soon presenting the trophies to Jon.

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