24 January 2011

Singapore Motor Sports Association Prize-Giving Dinner 21 January 2011

Finally, this is the moment Jon has been waiting for.......

Jon was invited by Singapore Motorsports Association to attend a Prize-Giving Dinner on 21 January 2011 to receive his championship trophy for the Cadet Category of Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship in 2010. It was held at Hersing Hub, Victory Hall and attended by approximately 150 guests made up of officials, corporate sponsors, volunteers, award winners and family members. Dr Lim Wee Kiat was the Guest-of-honour.

Jon, Amin and Opai from the Drakar Racing Team clinched championships for the Cadet, Junior and Senior Category.

Looking forward to another enjoyable and fulfilling season this year!

more pictures of the event can be viewed here... 

Schedule for Singapore Karting Championship 2011:
Round 1 - 2 & 3 April
Round 2 - 14 & 15 May
Round 3 - 16 & 17 July
Round 4 - 20 & 21 August
Round 5 - 19 & 20 November

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