14 March 2011

Rotax Malaysia and Asia 2011 (round 1)

Rotax Malaysia and Asia 2011 (round 1)
12-13 March, Sepang Malaysia

Starting Pole on the grid
Jon started round one of Rotax Malaysia and Asia 2011 with many ups and downs. Qualifying was perfect as he top the time sheet. Heat 1 and 2 ended with Jon in third and first position respectively. In the Pre-final, he was able to breakaway with another driver and came back second. It was a poor start in the Finals that landed Jon backwards as he was tussling with the mid group ending his run at sixth.

Looking back at the race weekend that started on Friday for Jon, it all goes down to lack of testing. With only Friday to do practise, testing and set-up, Jon only had one proper session as the rest of the day was raining and unlike some drivers that were already testing since last week. It was a good Qualifying but without any data for the afternoon conditions. Jon's kart and engine was just not tuned for that hot day.

Jon will try his best again and show good results in the coming races. It will be difficult due to study commitments but he is determined to overcome the challenges.

pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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