16 May 2011

AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship (Round 2)

AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship (Round 2)
14-15 May 2011, Kartright Speedway

Right after round 1 (23-24 April) of the Singapore Karting Championship (SKC), Jon had to take his Semester Assessment 1 examinations which started 25 April and ended 12 May. This means, there were neither a break nor practice for Jon between round 1 and round 2 of the SKC! To make it worst, he was suffering from one week of persistent cough, three days of severe headache and high fever. In total, he was put on two rounds of antibiotics to fight off the virus!

After winning round 1 of the SKC, the Organiser has given Jon a nickname "The professor". Unfortunately, "The Professor" lost to "The Tuner" in Round 2.

The weekend was forecasted to rain.

Saturday morning, it drizzled a while during the practice but stopped just before Qualifying. Jon’s Qualifying was not perfect as he was impeded and lost just a few hundredths of a second from the pole guy. Jon squeezed every single torque out of the un-rebuilt engine from last year to give the “European tuned” engine used by the pole guy, a run for its money.

In Heat 1, he was battling out neck to neck but have to settle for second. Unfortunately, a jump start penalty was given and he was relegated to third. Things seems to get worst in Heat 2, as he crashed out after five laps but still setting the best time.

In the Pre-Final, Jon has to start from six on the grid and fought his way through with a display of brilliant overtaking moves and came back second for the showdown.

Final race started with some delays due to rain but the track dried up in time for slicks to be used. There were still some wet patches and the drivers had to work their way through carefully. The final was filled with incidents of minor collisions and spun-outs among the boys behind him. Jon's younger brother, Josh, was one of the unlucky ones who was involved twice but managed to continue and finished the race in fifth place.

Jon tried his best to chase up to the leader and line himself up for an overtaking move a few times but failed repeatedly. The opponent's engine was just too fast on the straights and in the end, Jon has to compromise and finish the race at second position. Even with the underpowered engine from last year, Jon was again able to set the fastest time for the Final.

"Racing is my Passion! Winning is my Goal! Although I'm disappointed that I didn't win but I will try harder next time. I wish and hope to send my engine for tuning in order to race more competitively next round," said Jon.

Coincidentally, all the Round 1 champion winners from Cadet, Junior, Senior, Master and Veteran categories did not make it to the first position in Round 2! Better Luck everyone in round 3!

Please note that round 3 of SKC has been changed to 23 & 24 July 2011!

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