13 May 2011

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Following the successful completion of the AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 (SKC) round 1, thanks to the generosity of the Organiser, alot of publicity has been generated for Jon. It is not easy to keep up with the numerous and up-to-date press releases issued by the Organiser. Jon's name was mentioned not once but nine times in nine different press releases. The Organiser has even given him a nickname "The professor, Jon Lee" in one of the 2011 SKC wallpapers.

Picture courtesy of SKC
With four more rounds of SKC to go, we hope this is only the beginning and look forward to many more publicity in the up-coming races! Let's work together to make this one and only National Karting Event in Singapore a great success!

1) Apr 24 - AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 – Hot Start to the Season

“I am very pleased with the overall turn-up for this weekend round. I am impressed by the driving skills displayed by our competitive racers. This 2011 season will indeed be exciting as we see the return of many faces familiar to our karting scene such as veteran karting champion Kenny Yip, and our first championship cadet champion Jon Lee, as well as new racers like Gabriella Teo who at 12 years old, is definitely a face to look out for on the podium. Also, I would like to thank all the sponsors for making this event happen! With their support, I am sure that we can definitely reach out to more people and promote karting community in Singapore,” said Yuey Tan, Ambassador of AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011.

2) Apr 25 - SKC 2011 results to be printed in Straits Times

Rising stars that stood out include Jon Lee of Drakar Racing, Amin Noorzilan and Saravanan Rajakumar from Williams Racing, Eric Ho from Benz Motorsport and Kenny Yip from AUTOINC YZF Racing.

3) Apr 27 - Jon Lee & Josh Lee - Are these the kids of the future?

It is apparent that Jon and Josh Lee have something in common. They both have a keen focus for driving go karts.

Josh Lee was racing with his elder brother Jon for the first time during round 1 of the SKC 2011. Although still very new to karting at the tender age of 9, Josh Lee still held strong throughout the weekend, seeing himself onto the podium in a solid 3rd place and a great result to open his season.

The elder Jon Lee, already an accomplished karter, led from start to end in all of his sessions, showing a Schumacher type dominance throughout the race weekend.

Both of the young Lee brothers showed great maturity throughout the race weekend, driving with good thought process and maturity that put them far beyond their years.

Series ambassador Tan commented on the two lads. "These little fellas came up to me in the morning and introduced themselves, age and why they love to kart. It was all pretty cool to be there to see that. There is definitely a hunger about these kids. I wonder where these guys will be in a year. Hopefully a lot further up the road! This can only be good for the quality of kart drivers and race drivers of the future."

Jon and Josh Lee will both be back for round 2 of the Singapore Karting Championship on May 14 at Kartright Speedway.

4) Apr 28 - 'Best Presented' judged by several categories

Other drivers that were considered for the award in round 1 include Jon Lee of Drakar Racing, Gabriella Teo of McElrea Racing and Benjamin Goh from Benz Motorsport.

5) Apr 29 - SKC Round 1 a major success

"Take Jon Lee for example. The kid has a blog, came and spoke to me and introduced himself. We learned a lot about the young driver because he wanted the coverage. And the kid got it! That's nice to see."

6) May 5 - SKC 2011 sees TV show lengthened to 60 minute format

"We are extremely pleased with what has happened here. After the studio and the broadcaster sat down to look at the footage we captured from round 1, they realized that motorsport is even more exciting than anyone had anticipated," commented General Manager of the SKC, Kenneth Yeo. "There was plenty of drama in round 1 including quite a few close encounters for drivers, masterful driving from Jon Lee, Eric Ho and Kenny Yip, and even a few small accidents. It all was happening."

7) May 9 - SKC 2011 Round 1 on Xinya TV

The programme will touch briefly on several of the drivers, also focusing closer on some of the young drivers including but not limited to Jon and Josh Lee, Gabriella Teo and Manon Mistre

8) May 10 - A quick look at the 'Chng' outfit

Bringing his kart in at 2nd place in the cadet class of the SKC, Javier had plenty to shout about as he celebrated his podium victory, fighting it out with some very competitive cadet class competitors including Jon and Josh Lee from Drakar Racing.

9) May 13 - Rivalries to watch for in SKC Round 2

Driving karts for over 5 years, Jon Lee; dubbed as 'the professor' in the SKC, showed great pace and focus in the opening round of the Kart Championship. The young cadet driver from the Drakar Racing Team stole the show showing great dominance in his class several weeks ago. He topped the time sheets for every session he entered with Drakar putting out the faultless kart that was reliable for the young Singaporean. He looks to be ready to try and lengthen his winning streak across the second round

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