5 June 2011

BRAND'S® Leadership Camp

BRAND'S® Leadership Camp
3-4 June 2011, The White Studio at Fort Canning Park

Seventh day into the mid-year June holiday, Jon attended BRAND'S® Leadership Camp, which was organised by BRAND'S® and Halogen Foundation. It was a great success with close to 100 students from Primary 3-6 attending the two day camp. The students were divided into 10 groups with around 10 students in each group. Each group is made up of their own imaginary "Planet". Jon was in group 10 and they named their group "Jusble" which means "Justice" and "Jumble". Each group was tasked to design and draw a flag representing their group.

During the two day camp, students were taught:
Module 1: Foundations of Leadership
Module 2: Establishing Core Values
Module 3: Having Self-Confidence
Module 4: Communicating with Others
Module 5: Cultivating Personal Goals

Laughter can be heard throughout the games and activities. At the end of the camp, all parents were invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony. Every group performed a cheer and received their certificates of achievement. "Jusble" won the first prize for the overall "Best Performing Team".

Every student graduated as a "Super Hero".

It was a very fulfilling camp for Jon, who not only brought home a bag full of wisdom on how to be a good leader but added many more friends into his facebook. He had so much fun making new friends and interacting with his team mates and all the team leaders. All thanks to BRAND'S® and Halogen Foundation.

pictures of the event can be viewed here...

click the video below to see "Jusble" performing their cheer!

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