25 July 2011

AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship (Round 3) 23-24 July 2011

Victory for "The Professor" with a pair of Stylish Porsche Design Sunglass

Few days before the race, we received a fantastic news that Jon has been selected to join a camp test enabling him to enter a good secondary school. Unfortunately the camp coincides with Round 3 of the AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship (Day 1) and if he chooses to join the camp, Jon will start from the back in Pre-Finals. It was a very tough decision and we were torn apart between pursuing Jon's academics for his future and retaining his championship this year as we are answerable to our sponsors. With a lot of blessing from friends and kind understanding from the secondary school, after much persuasions, Jon will be allowed to re-sit his entry test on a separate date. It came as a big relieve to us and who says we can't have the best of both worlds?

With close supervision and guidance from Eagle Eye Centre, this is our first attempt to let Jon race wearing contact lenses. And it proved to be perfect when Jon clinched his race win that came with a pair of Porsche Design Sunglass. Thanks to the SKC organiser who has inked partnership with Porsche Design Sunglasses, distributed by Singaporean sunglasses distributor Sin Kwang Optical Pte Ltd to promote their eyewear through the race series for the remainder of 2011 season.

 more pictures of the race (Day 1) can be viewed

Unlike Round 2 when Jon was ill equipped with an un-rebuilt engine from last year, Round 3 is different. His mechanic has spent numerous hours of testing and rebuilding his engine that will give Jon equal horsepower to fight with his rival. True enough, as "The Professor" was able to pull away with ease in all the races and dominated throughout the weekend. It was a truly sweet victory for Jon as he reclaimed back the lead in the Cadet Championship standings after Round 3.

more pictures of the race (Day 2) can be viewed here...
On the other hand, Jon's younger brother, Josh, who is on medication, was battling a very tough race. On Day One of Qualifying, Heat 1 and Heat 2, Josh ended in third position for each session. A podium was in sight but his hope came crashing down, as half way into Pre-Final, his kart stalled for about 20 seconds but he managed to re-start again and ended the race in sixth position. He was supposed to start Final at sixth, which is second last, but was moved up to fifth position as the guy on second position was disqualified due to technical Infringement. Josh was high on determination and fought his way through, overtaking two drivers and aiming for that last podium position. The fourth driver did not give up the spot so easily as he chased hard and keep Josh within striking distance for the last eight laps. We can see Josh was getting breathless but still kept his cool and composure to hold back his rival with style. He even gave his mechanic and the audience a fright, when he punches the air with his right hand to show his victory before crossing the final line! Confidence is the key to Josh's success and he truly deserves it.
Next challenge for Jon is to sit for his first ABRSM guitar exam and to continue to do well in his Preliminary Examinations. All the best to Jon, stay focus and continue to make us proud!

Before the race, Jon trying out his contact lenses at Eagle Eye Centre

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