22 August 2011

AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship (Round 4) 20-21 August 2011

Thumbs up for Cheryl Tay (can u spot her sticker on Jon's seat?)!

Round 4 of AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship (SKC) was held in a unfavorable time for Jon as he was sitting for his Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE) just before race weekend. Right after his Chinese Oral on Friday, Jon rushed to the track for only his second practice, since completing Rd 3. To make matter worst, Jon will have no time to prepare for his School's Preliminary examination which will be held the next day after this Rd 4. However, the race must go on and he is determined to defend his championship!

This round saw the most karters, a total of nine in the Cadet category, anticipating more intense racing actions with lots of rustle and tussle!

Heat 2 - A wet race about to begin.......
Qualifying, it was business as usual for Jon as he clocked the fastest time on his last lap. A commanding 2.7 tenths lead over his closest rival to secure Pole position for Jon. In Heat 1, Jon was able to pull away after about 3 laps to secure a comfortable margin and bring the kart home for a win without much incident. Just 5 minutes before Heat 2, rain that most karters and teams had anticipated since morning started pouring down heavily. It brought joy and cheers to Jon and his younger brother, Josh but fear and worries to some of the others who are not familiar with wet racing. The race was delayed and all the mechanics scrambled frantically to change the tires and kart set-up. “The Professor”, Jon showed his smooth and flawless drive in the rain as others were struggling to control their karts. With a race of 8 laps, Jon eventually came home with a dominating 7.6 seconds gap over his closest rival.
Going into the Pre-Finals with maximum points, Jon started on pole. The race was much closer this time as a set-up change was done on Jon’s kart that makes it loose grip soon after rolling lap. "The Professor" was almost overtaken a few times but he managed to defend his line and finish first. It was a big relief for his mechanic who took the decision to make the set-up change. Learning the mistake from Pre-Final, the team is prepared for the showdown in the Final. Just as predicted, this time, Jon was back on top form again and pulled away with ease from Lap 5 onwards. Another dominating race and fastest time to bring Jon closer to his championship win.

Jon continues to lead in the overall championship with 35 points ahead of his closest competitor.

Round 5 (which is the last) of the SKC, will be held 19 and 20 November. With a three months gap from now, this is perfect for Jon as he takes a break from the race track and stay home to prepare for his PSLE to be held late September to early October.

more pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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