19 September 2011

Source: The Straits Times 5 September 2011

Breakfast with Outstanding Kids brought to you by NESTLE® Breakfast Cereals

It was by chance we saw an advertisement in "The Straits Times" that Nestle is interested and looking for a "Junior high achiever"! A talent hunt for six child stars between 7 and 12 years old and the six winners will share their inspirational stories in "The Straits Times" on why they are special in their own ways, as well as the importance of having a wholesome breakfast as they pursue their dreams. The requirements fitted Jon perfectly, as he, not only karts well but excels in his studies too and we decided to submit an entry for him.

29 July 2011 - we were delighted and overwhelmed to receive notification that Jon has been selected to be featured as a Nestlé Breakfast Cereals Outstanding Kid. We started off doing an email interview with the writer on 4 August and next, we had our photo shoot on 8 August. The completed "product" looks awesome, isn't it?

Look out for the next similar advertisement which will be put up on Lianhe Wanbao!

Below are some photos that were taken during the photo shoot!

putting on the face powder
final touch up on the hair

lighting adjustment
waiting for the photo to be output on the laptop
taking a break

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