28 November 2011

BMS Rok Cup (WSK Singapore Race)

BMS Rok Cup (WSK Singapore Race)
26-27 November 2011, Kartright Speedway

With only four days’ interval from round five of the Singapore Karting Championship (SKC), Jon and his younger brother, Josh are back on the track to race in the BMS Rok Cup (WSK Singapore Race).

The WSK Singapore Race is an introductory race leading to the WSK Asia Pacific 2012 Race.
As the Vortex Mini Rok engine is commonly used by most cadets in Singapore and the region, the organizer decided to have a one-engine series and named it BMS Rok Cup.

The official tyre used is "Vega" and most drivers are using them for the first time. Vega has different levels of grip compared to Yokohama tyres, which were used in SKC. However, Jon was able to adapt by changing his driving style to clock a record time of 36.5 seconds for the Cadets in Qualifying. The Vega tyres proved to be perfect for Josh, as evident in Qualifying where he clocked just 0.1 second behind his closest rival, and started Heat 1 and Heat 2 in third position.

During Heat 1, the second place hopeful Josh, after a super-charged performance, overtook his closest rival and came in second. The cadets were driving on a wet track in Heat 2 as a result of a heavy downpour just after Heat 1. Josh started from third position and managed to gain one position by the time he reached turn 2. Unfortunately, his kart spun after he was bumped from the back and dropped to fourth position. With sheer determination, Josh fought his way back to third position and kept the pressure on the second place driver in the final few laps. Jon, on the other hand, dominated Qualifying, Heat 1 and Heat 2 without much incident.

Pre-Final, Jon and Josh starting in first and second positions.

In the Pre-Final, both Jon and Josh started in first and second positions respectively. Unfortunately, due to a mis-coordination between the brothers, Jon made a poor start and they dropped to fourth and third respectively by the time they reached turn 2.

Kartright is known to be a tight circuit with very less overtaking opportunity. It was almost impossible for Jon to overtake the leader as he was driving defensively to protect his position. Nevertheless, “the Professor” managed to squeeze in through a small gap at the high speed turn 5 when the competitor least expected to be overtaken. Josh on the other hand, managed to move up from fifth and came back third.

Back to starting third on the grid in the Final, Josh continued to chase his closest rival down but after some time, lost his stamina. Nevertheless, he defended well from the fourth and fifth drivers who were bumper to bumper in the last five laps and eventually crossing the finishing line third, just 0.15 seconds ahead. Needless to say, Jon broke away from the pack and win the race with a commanding margin of 5 seconds.

We are looking forward to WSK Asia Pacific 2012, which will be more spectacular with international drivers participating!

Catch Jon in Macau in December, where he race in the Asian Karting Open Championship! This is his maiden karting race in Macau and will also be his last race in the Cadet category before he moves up to the Junior category next year!

more pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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