19 March 2012

Rotax Max Challenge 2012 (Round 2)

Rotax Max Challenge 2012 (Round 2)
17-18 March, Elite Malaysia

In this round 2, Jon switched from his Zanardi for his dad’s Tonykart EVR which was converted from a Senior kart to a Junior kart. Friday session was used just to find the suitable kart set-up without any changes to the engine. As the session ended in the evening, Jon was still trying to get used to the different behavior of the Tonykart.

On Saturday noon, Jon only managed to qualify 21st on the grid. Nevertheless, he has managed to clock his personal best of 43.9s on this track but it is still about 1 second away from the pole time. In Heat 1, it was hot action among the 28 young drivers and Jon was on fire as he stormed his way to 16th by Lap 10. Unfortunately, after he overtook an Indian driver, he was bumped at the high speed downhill stretch and spun into the grass thus ending his heat in a DNF. Heat 2 and Pre-Final were quite similar as Jon started to climb up the grid but was involved in some minor collisions that made him fall back to the end of the grid. While Jon’s grid position did not seem to be getting better but his best lap time has improved to about 7 tenths from the fastest time of the Pre-Final.

Jon’s target in the Final was to finish within top 20 and improve his lap time further. Unfortunately, it was not to be as he was climbing from the back of the pack, his engine seized in Lap 8 thus ending his race pre-maturely.

It was a tough weekend for Jon but as this was only his second race in the Junior, much has been learnt that will improve his skill further.

A tough weekend with plenty of hot actions, torn stickers and tire marks!
(Picture courtesy of Miss Cheryl Tay) 

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