29 May 2012

Victoria School Open House 2012

Victoria School Open House 2012
26 May 2012

The Victoria School (VS) Open House was held on 26 May for students who are taking their Primary School Leaving Examination to find out more about the school.

It is with great honor and privilege that Jon was given the opportunity to be involved in the VS Open House. Prior to the Open House, you could spot pictures of Jon on the VS website under "Announcements" and "Admissions". Next, he appears on a promotional banner which was hung on the school's fence, between the cross junction of Siglap Road and Marine Parade Road. The banner was as long as a passenger vehicle.

During the VS Open House, Jon was on the cover of the school’s programme and prospectus. Jon was pictured as a "space boy" to translate this year's VS Open House theme - Defying Gravity - "Have you wondered what it is like to go beyond boundaries and to live without limits in achieving your dreams? If you dare to defy gravity, come to our Open House and we will show you how you can soar above the skies and defy gravity".

There were two time slots (9am and 11am) where the school Principal gave a welcome address. Right after the speech, Jon was one of three current students who shared their Victorian Experience with the audience. Below is an extraction of his three-minute speech:

It's not just study and no play for me; everyone has their own passions. Other than studying hard, I’m also busy pursuing my passion – go-karting. I’m very thankful that the school has been very supportive and encouraging whenever I need to take time off for my go-kart races. As a IP student, a class monitor, and a cadet in NPCC, I'm enjoying my life to the fullest in Victoria. I hope your son will join me in Victoria School and enjoy life as a Victorian".

Throughout the Open House, Jon was busy running and rushing between the Auditorium on level 2 (where the Principal's welcome address took place) and level 1, Professional Room 2, where he was setting up the "Language Arts" and conducting demo lessons.

Thank you, Victoria School, for giving Jon this memorable experience and exposure.

Good Luck to all those students who are applying to join VS!

pictures of the event can be viewed here...

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