18 November 2012

TEDxYouth@Singapore 2012

TEDxYouth@Singapore 2012
17 November 2012, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium (SMU)

Good Morning everybody, My name is Jon and this is what I imagine myself doing in 10 years’ time. I imagine walking towards a 900 horse-powered opened seated car, with 23 other drivers lined behind me. The fans in the grandstands are going crazy as I fire up the race car. It would be an amazing feeling as I am one of the 24 chosen out of the millions of hopefuls, being cheered on. Well, most of you would be able to guess what my dream is by now.........

Jon was invited by TedxYouth@Singapore 2012 to share with Singapore and the world his dream to become an F1 driver. Click here to see Jon's presentation slides. The event was streamed live via TEDxYouth's website. If you missed the event, a recording will be made available on TEDxYouth's website and Youtube soon. Jon ended his speech by reminding everyone, "It's never too young to dream"!

A total of 12 speakers were on stage to share their inspiring dreams. The event organiser said in his thank-you speech, "It's a challenge to find ordinary people with extraordinary dreams to speak at the event". Indeed, each speaker has their own dreams and different stories to share which we can certainly learn and apply in our daily lives.

After tea break, there was a video screening of Ms Candy Chang, "Before I die I want to.....". When asked the same question by the host, Jon promptly replied, "Before I die, I want to drive an F1 car".

"I'm certainly inspired by the other speakers and had great fun networking and mingling with the audience", said Jon.

Dream It. Live It. Share It.

Click here to view the introductory video!

Click here to view Jon's biography!

More pictures of the event can be viewed here!

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