7 January 2013

Unveiling of McLaren GT3

Unveiling of McLaren GT3
5 January 2013, McLaren Singapore Showroom

Team Principals and Kartmaster Drakar Racing Team drivers were invited to attend the unveiling of the McLaren GT3 on 5 January at the McLaren Singapore's showroom.

The McLaren GT3 is a real beauty and looks even more stunning with the glossy lamination on it. Jon was hoping for a chance to test drive the car but of course he was not able to. Firstly, he doesn't have a driving licence and the car is built for the racing track.

We were told the McLaren GT3 was only 'in transit' in Singapore for a few days before leaving for Malaysia so we felt privileged to be given the opportunity to see the fantastic race car up close.

We would like to wish Mr Mok Weng Sun, race driver of McLaren GT3 all the best racing in 2013.

Thank you, McLaren Singapore and Mr Denis Lian for inviting us to the exciting event.
More pictures of the event can be viewed here!

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