5 February 2013

OTK-RN Singapore Karting Enduro 2013

OTK-RN Singapore Karting Enduro 2013
19 January 2013, Kartright Speedway

This is the first time that Jon and his father, James are competing in the same race - OTK-RN Singapore Karting Enduro 2013. It is a four-hour endurance race and each team consisted of four drivers.

Jon was in the Kartmaster Drakar TM1 (KD TM1) with Hong Yang, Gabriella and Santos using the Junior karts and engines. James competed in the Kartmaster Drakar TM2 (KD TM2) with Jason, Denis and Opai driving the Senior karts and engines.
The KF2 engines used by the Seniors are supposedly much faster than the KF3 engines used by the Juniors. Although KD TM2 qualified first, they met with some unfortunate mishaps right from the beginning – two engine failures which resulted in the kart being manually pushed back to the pit lane. This led to a severe loss in time and a drop to the last position. But they continued to give chase to the teams in front and in the end, managed to end the race in fifth position.

KD TM1 was luckier, although they did encounter some minor problems. Firstly, there was kart balance problem arising from the resetting of seat positions to suit both Jon and his team-mate, Santos who is sharing the same kart, and as a result, causing it to under steer a lot. Secondly, the team was penalized twice for speeding in the pit area by Jon and his team-mate, Hong Yang. However, they were consistent and still managed to maintain and keep their third position to the end of the race.

After the race, the organiser continued to provide more fun and laughter with loads of games, lucky draw prizes and a delicious barbeque buffet dinner.

The endurance race has certainly helped to bond and strengthen the team amid all the challenges and teamwork.
More pictures of the race can be viewed here!
Please enjoy the video below, put together by Upside Down Concepts for Kartmaster Drakar Racing Team!

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