11 March 2013

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013 - Round 1

A Promising but Tough Weekend at AMC, Round 1‏

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013 - Round 1
2-3 March 2013, Malaysia

Jon returned to join the Asia Max Challenge again this year, starting with Round1 held at Sepang International Circuit. The last time he raced in Sepang was in the 2011 Rotax Invitational Race in the Micromax category on a cadet kart, making it more than 2 years ago. It will also be almost a year since Jon first started racing Junior Max category that was held at Elite Speedway track. Comparing to his first Junior Max race, much improvement has been gained. Last year’s Round 1, he only managed to qualify 26th from 34 drivers with a time difference of 1.2seconds slower than the pole driver. This time round, Jon qualified 8th from 32 drivers with only a time difference of 0.6seconds.

The Team was supposed to practice & test at Sepang the weekend before the race but unfortunately, it was informed that the track will be closed for some booked event. As such, all the testing & kart setting up was done on Friday race weekend in a hurry due to engine complete disassembly for inspection & sealing.

After the qualifying session, Heat 1 was held under the scorching sun. Jon was able to improve his position to 6th. The next morning, Heat 2 was the first race of the day but it did not end well for the Team. After avoiding a crash, Jon’s right wheel somewhat caught another kart causing it to puncture. He continued driving but was not able to turn properly & eventually came back 24th. Starting from 14th in the Pre-Final, Jon again managed to progress up & finished at 10th.

In the Final, while dicing with a few karts at the so called “mickey mouse” section, he collided & spun out. Continuing with the race & eventually finishing at 21st eventhough his race pace would put him at 9th fastest. It was a promising start for Jon’s 2013 race campaign but ended with a tough day.

Next round of the Asia Max Challenge will again be held at Sepang. Jon & his team are looking forward to do better.

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