18 June 2013

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013 - Round 2

Rain Tires issue plague Jon and Kartmaster Drakar Racing Team Drivers

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013 - Round 2
15-16 June 2013, Macau

Less than four days after competing in two back-to-back races in Singapore, Jon and his dad left for Macau on 13 June for round 2 of the Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC). His suitcase was packed with the new 2013 engine that was recently used in the Singapore races, and one important item - rain suit. According to the weather forecast, Macau will rain continuously for the next few days.
Jon arrived at the Kartdromo De Coloane Macau track on Friday morning to begin his testing. It was raining the whole day and various set-up were tested to get the best timing but no matter how hard Jon tried, it's still about one second slower than his good friend, Gabriel.

Qualifying on Saturday was in the wet too and Jon can only manage to qualify third. All the heats were wet races but Jon was able to put himself second on the grid for Pre-Final. Pre-Final was the only dry race for the whole weekend and the team is more optimistic. Unfortunately, Jon’s carburetor was faulty and he only managed to finish third.

Come Sunday morning, warm-up was done on a dry and sunny track. It was clear that Jon has the pace as he was able to better the best times clocked by all other drivers in the Pre-Final. As the Final will only be held in the afternoon, the team has to wait for four hours while the track was being used for some local AAMC races. Just as it was time for the Cadet race, it started raining again and the track was completely wet even though the rain soon stopped. Jon had a good start and try to chase down the leader but his pace soon dropped. Eventually, the driver on third position caught up and Jon was not able to defend his position because he just don’t have the grip to turn in and power out of the corners. The race ended with Jon in third position. Co-incidentally, it was noticed that all those drivers who re-used the wet tires impounded during round 1, did not do well and complained of low grip. It was also noticed that the tires being bought and impounded in Macau were of different batch with different markings.

Next round of AKOC will be held in Sentul Indonesia, the team will be back with high expectations so as to recover lost championship points.

The next four days of rest will give Jon the opportunity to catch up on his sleep and prepare for his next race in Kuala Lumpur - Round 4 of Asia Max Challenge 2013. More updates to follow!

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