26 June 2013

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013 - Round 4

A tough and hazy weekend at Elite Speedway

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013 - Round 4
22-23 June 2013, Malaysia

June is the busiest month for Jon with a packed racing schedule. Less than a week upon returning from Macau last Sunday, Jon headed north to the Kuala Lumpur Elite Speedway track on Friday morning. He travelled with his dad on a pickup truck towing a newly bought caravan that can transport 2 karts. This will make it more convenient for the Team when both Jon and his brother Josh, race in the Asia Max Challenge (AMC) around several tracks in Malaysia. The caravan arrived just in time for Round 4 of the AMC from 22-23 June.
Kuala Lumpur was hot and hazy throughout the whole weekend. Upon arrival at the track on Friday, Jon tested the kart with the previous set-up used for Sepang RMC Round 2. The team was surprised to find that the kart does not have rear grip at all. A few changes were made but it was not ideal. Nevertheless, Jon’s practice times are not far from the front runners.
On Saturday morning, Jon was able to qualify 9th, just less than 3 tenths slower than the pole driver. It was a vast improvement from his last race in Elite whereby Jon qualified  21st with a time of slower than the pole driver by a whole second.

Heat 1 and 2 ended with Jon coming back at position 7th and 9th respectively, to line him up on the grid at 7th for the Pre-Final. Set-up changes on Jon’s kart were continuously made before Pre-Final in order to improve his pace but it did not help as Jon dropped to 9th position.

Starting from 9th in the Final, bad luck strikes as he was shoved from the back the first turn of the race. Jon’s kart was stuck with the kart that was involved & by the time he was able to continue, the pack of drivers are already half the track away. Chasing back from last position, Jon eventually finished the race at 23rd position.

It looks like luck was not on Jon's side at Elite Speedway. Hopefully, things will turn out better in round 5 of AMC at Sepang.

More pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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