27 August 2013

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013 - Round 5

A Roller Coaster Ride Race‏

KRS-KKS Asia Max Challenge 2013 - Round 5
24-25 August 2013, Malaysia

Jon qualified 10th among a packed grid of 33 drivers. From 5th to 10th , the qualified times were only separated by a difference of 0.06seconds! In Heat 1, Jon had a clean start and managed to climb a few positions. After a few laps he was battling among the group of drivers between 6th to 10th. An incident happened just after turn 2 when a driver climbed and flip over another kart and landed in front of Jon’s kart. Luckily Jon was able to break on time to avoid a head on collision but he lost a lot of time and came back at 26th position. Heat 2 was not good too as Jon was pushed out at the “Mickey Mouse” section and dropped many positions to come back at 23rd.

Things started to turn around in the Pre-Final. Even though starting at 27th, after just two laps, Jon has already climbed almost half of the grid to position 13th. Suddenly, it started to pour heavily and the front karters were caught off guard & they skidded out at turn 1 at the start of lap 3. Soon after the red flag came out and it was announced that it will be a wet race re-start. The race was delayed to allow time for the teams to change tires. After such a good progress to the front, Jon has to start his pursuit all over again from the back of the grid. The rain soon stopped but the track is still very wet. It was a good restart for Jon and he was in position 15th by lap 2. As Jon is no stranger to the art of driving in the rain, he was patiently overtaking drivers lap by lap until he finished at position 10th. So, after a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, he is back at his qualifying position again. Unlike the last Round 4 Final where Jon was rear ended at turn1, this time, he had a good start. He was already in position 6th after lap 2. A tough battle with a few karters resulting in Jon dropping to position 8th but he was able to pull away with the guy who flipped in Heat 1 following closely. In lap 14th, after defending his position well but an incident happened at turn 6th, Jon’s kart was pushed side way and he spun. Upon restarting, he lost a few positions and eventually finished at 12th.

More pictures of the race can be viewed here... (facebook of KartingAsia.com)

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