16 October 2013

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013 - Round 3

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013 - Round 3
11-13 October 2013, Macau

Hot and sunny days welcomed Jon this time round. Anticipating a challenge for a win but was hampered by mechanical faults in the Final race. Macau track has never been lucky for Jon as last race, Jon was plagued with tires inconsistency issues.

This round, Jon qualified a respectable 3rd but he was still not up to the pace of the pole setter yet. For the next three heats, he was progressing well from 3rd, 2nd and eventually 1st, lining him up to start at 2nd in the Pre-Final. Some set-up tweaks were done on Jon’s kart and he was able to finish at where he started in the Pre-Final.
During the warm up before the Finals on Sunday, engine trouble started to occur and Jon was losing bottom at every corners. The mechanics worked frantically to check and found that the reed valve was faulty. New parts were fitted and tested on the kart stand. Everything seems to be in order and Jon is hopeful to fight for a win.

In the Final, Jon did not start well, dropped to 3rd but by the 2nd corner, he was chasing the pole driver. For the next 5 laps, Jon was closing in and looking for the right time to pounce. Then, things start to deteriorate and he was not able to power out of the slow corners again. Each time he exited the slow corners, the engine hesitated for a while before the power arrives. Jon continued to drive as smooth as he can but the front driver is pulling away while the 3rd position driver is closing in. Eventually, Jon was overtaken and has to settle for 3rd.

Back at the pit, the mechanic dismantled the engine and found that the reed valve was faulty again. One of the reed petal has a hole with the size of diameter 6mm at one corner. This has resulted in compression loss and also cause the fuel mixture to be overly rich, thus loss of acceleration.

With the championship closing in with 2 more rounds to go, Jon is still in 2nd position. Next two rounds will be held in Kartright Singapore and Jon will be training hard to fight again.

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