1 October 2013

Rotax Asia 2013 - Round 6

Double Joy for Josh

Rotax Asia 2013 - Round 6
28-29 September 2013, Royal Pahang Kart Prix Malaysia

They say good things come in pairs. Josh would agree whole heartedly because he just had a double joy at the Royal Pahang Kart Prix by finishing the last round of Rotax Asia 2013 (RMC) with a trophy in 5th position, and winning a brand new engine in the lucky draw.

Josh, younger brother of Jon, could not find a good pace during the practices on Friday and only placed himself in the mid pack partly due to his overweight status. On Saturday, he qualified 7th among 12 Micromax drivers. His consistency helped him to finish Heat 1 and Heat 2 in 7th position.

On Sunday, Josh started from 7th position in the Pre-final and ended the race in the same position. Even though it was Josh’s lucky “7”, he had to find a way to break through the pack to move ahead.

His opportunity came at the beginning of the Final race when he was able to overtake the two drivers in front him while they were busy dicing with each other. It was a marvellous drive for Josh as he maintained his position well while fending off the driver behind him before finally crossing the chequered flag in 5th Position.

"Among all the tracks in Malaysia, Royal Pahang Kart Prix is my favourite track. As the track is 'new' to everyone, it gives me a fair chance to compete and fight for a podium position. I'm really happy to win the final round trophy. As for the new engine which I won, I will give it to my brother, Jon for his final year in RMC Junior next year," said the generous Josh.

2013 RMC Asia Championship standings:
Despite missing one round of RMC, Josh is in position 10th (among a total of 24 drivers).
Despite missing two rounds of RMC, Jon is in position 19th (among a total of 50 drivers).

Congratulations to Rotax Max Challenge Asia & Malaysia for its 10th anniversary and for organising yet another successful year of the RMC. We look forward to more exciting races next year!

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