5 December 2013

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013 - Round 4 & 5

Asian Karting Open Championship 2013 - Round 4 & 5
30 November - 1 December 2013, Singapore

This is the first time the Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC) was held in Singapore. Round 4 was initially scheduled to take place in Indonesia but was unfortunately cancelled. As such, the last two rounds (round 4 and 5) of the 2013 season were held back-to-back in Singapore on 30 November and 1 December. We were totally excited about the race and hosting our karting friends and families from the Philippines.

Welcome to Singapore, a tiny yet exciting island filled with lots of fun stuff to do!

Our first stop was Universal Studios Singapore on 25 November 2013.

Next, we went on a night adventure to the Night Safari on 26 November 2013.

All competitors were given three full days to practice at the Kartright Speedway from Tuesday to Thursday. Friday was a half-day practice followed by scruntineering in the afternoon and drivers' briefing in the evening.

November was a month where the Singapore weather was erratic. However, Jon and his mechanic were all prepared and confident to race in wet weather.

Saturday morning was hot and sunny. Jon qualified for third position and finished heat 1 and 2 in second place. In the afternoon, Jon started off in second position in the Pre-Final but after only two laps, there was a sudden downpour. The marshals waved their red flags and all drivers were told to return to the starting grid. Jon and his mechanic frantically and quickly changed into wet tires. In his soaking wet suit, Jon sat patiently at the starting grid waiting for the race to resume. Unfortunately, the weather man didn't fulfill his wish as the rain was too heavy with continuous thunders. After waiting for more than three hours, the race was cancelled, to Jon’s dismay.

The officials subsequently announced that round 4 of the Pre-final will be held the next day and the Pre-Final results will determine the winners. Due to the shortage of time, there will be no Final for round 4. This decision was a great blow for Jon as it took away the golden chance for him to gain more points and try to clinch the overall championship.

On Sunday, the race conditions were totally different with dry weather which did not give Jon any advantage. He finished second in the round 4 Pre-Final.

Without Heat 1 and Heat 2, the Pre-final and Final of round 5 took place in the afternoon which saw the same fate for Jon as he finished both races in second position and took the third position in the overall championship.

Round 5 - Josh came in 5th.

After the race, the boys continued to have fun and chilled out at the Singapore Flyer.

The fun, off-track outings were definitely a welcome relief from the challenging times spent on the race track. Racing competitions are not just about winning; it’s also about strengthening the bond and friendship between friends and enjoying each other’s company. From that perspective, there’s no doubt that everyone is a winner.

The last and final race for Jon will be Xeramic Challenge 2013 held on 15 December, Kuala Lumpur here we come!

more pictures of the race can be viewed here...

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