16 January 2014

Source: Starhub Channel 112 - Super Sports Arena

Jon Lee, Boy Racer
Dreams should be free.
Sports to the people.

Jon saw his dream transformed from "It's never too young to dream" as  a speaker at TEDxYouth@Singapore 2012 to "Dreams should be free" in Starhub’s advertisement for Super Sports Arena, a local television channel.

The series of 60-second vignettes (commercials) feature local sporting heroes who talk about their sporting heroes. Jon was very fortunate to be selected among some outstanding athletes to participate in the campaign. Jon's hero is his dad, who is also his mentor, mechanic and coach.

The shoot took place on 15 November 2013. Although Jon was surrounded by 6 production crew and numerous cameras, the young "hero" was "fearless".

It started with Jon sharing when and how he started go-karting, followed by how he feels when he is go-karting and why he loves the sports. In between, it features Jon driving around the track and showing some of his trophies and memorable achievements. Finally, it concluded with Jon saying, "My dad has won three Malaysia championships and represented Malaysia in the World Finals. My dream is to be like my dad, to represent Singapore in the World Finals one day".

The awesome advertisement was aired on 13 January 2014 at 11.08pm, 14 January 2014 at 5.43pm and 10.47pm, 15 January 2014 at 3.12am, 1.41pm and 10.38pm.

Thanks to Starhub and Freeflow Productions for giving Jon this priceless opportunity to share his dream.

Due to legal rights issue, we regret that we are unable to upload the advertisement on his blog. But those who are interested in watching the advertisement can contact us directly.

Click here... to view more pictures taken "behind the scenes"!

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