5 April 2014

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Treatment

It was a miracle that Jon suffered only minor injuries after he flipped out of his kart on 9 March during round 1 of the Asia Max Challenge 2014 (AMC) in Malaysia’s Sepang International Karting Circuit.

However, a further medical check showed that the muscle on his right leg was quite badly torn. As a result, his right hip, calf and even toes were weakened. The doctor put him on rehab and physio treatment and we’re relieved that it has helped to correct his walking and standing posture. The treatment will also ensure his muscle heals properly.

Using a Trigger Ball to massage and relief pain.

After a few treatments, Jon is on his way to recovery. He will begin his first training on 5 April to prepare himself for round 2 of AMC which will be held from 26-27 April 2014.

We would like to thank all the staff at Singapore Sports Institute Medical Centre for their kind assistance, patience and care.

Wearing coloured sports tape after treatment.


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