6 December 2014

Rotax Asia 2014 (championship standing)

Picture courtesy of www.kartingasia.com 

Rotax Asia 2014 wrapped up its final round (round 6) on 12 October at Sepang International Kart Circuitlaysia. Jon finished in 17.

After six intensive rounds of racing, Jon was placed 16th out of 47 drivers, and first among the group of karters from Singapore.

Looking back, 2014 did not start off well for Jon as he had a major accident in the round 1 Pre-final where his kart flipped and tossed him into the air, losing critical points and tearing his leg muscle badly in the process. As a result, Jon had no choice but to stop his regular training and spent most of his time undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment. The recovery process was slow. Making a comeback on the tracks was equally challenging. But Jon persevered and competed in the remaining races. To his credit, he finished most of the rounds in mid-pack position as he struggled to manage the pain from his injury and the stress of school work in Year 3.

We are hopeful the worst is behind him and believe the experience will only make him stronger mentally and physically.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their well wishes and concern. Jon has a lot of catching-up to do in 2015 so he is really looking forward to getting behind the wheel again for a better year!

Happy holidays to all!

Picture courtesy of www.kartingasia.com
(Kart no. 133 Jon Lee - second row on the extreme right)

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