31 May 2015

Rok Cup 2015 (Round 2)

New Team, New Hopes!

Rok Cup 2015 (Round 2)
30 May 2015, KF1 Circuit

We are extremely happy to share that Jon has been offered a full sponsorship by the newly appointed CRG dealer in Singapore – TPCRG. As a result, Jon will race at the ROK Cup in a brand new CRG chassis, courtesy of TPCRG. Under the new team led by Team Principal, Mr. Lawrence, Jon will be racing in the ROK Cup 2015 from round 2 onwards.

After installing the balloted engine, finding the best set-up on the new CRG KT2 was done on Friday. Sessions after sessions of practice that was divided between the Cadets and other categories, Jon was able to improve his pace. He was able to better the best lap time from last round winner by about 1.8 seconds. It was definitely a big margin comparing to the rest of the field. After nine sessions of testing, the team wrapped up the day full of confidence for the next day race.

*pictures (taken on the track) courtesy of Mr Bernard Seah

On Saturday morning, final preparations were made and Jon went for his warm-up. To everyone's surprise, the kart behavior has changed dramatically. With minutes left on the clock before the Qualifying, the mechanic frantically try to find out what was wrong. In the Qualifying, things did not improve as Jon only managed to secure 7th position. He found that the kart is completely different from the day before. Upon returning to the paddock, detailed inspection was done again. It seems that some of the set-up has been altered without the mechanic knowledge. The mechanic was tasked to reset all the set-up back to Friday's condition and hope that it would work out.

In the Pre-Final, Jon had a good start and found himself in 3rd after the first turn. It was an intense racing as he tussled with some drivers charging from behind but eventually secured 3rd. The Final was held in the evening after dinner. Jon feed backed that the kart has improved but it seems the engine is losing power. Not much can be done as no one is allowed to overhaul the sealed engine. In the Final, it was a good start as Jon was able to maintain his 3rd spot after the first few laps. As the race goes on, the engine loses power even more, especially on the bottom end. Soon, the rear pack was catching up and Jon conceded 3rd but continued to defend 4th till the end of the 20 laps. Based on the points system from both races, Jon is declared the 2nd runner up.

The target to achieve a podium was achieved!

Drivers from CRG Malaysia & Singapore on podium with
Team Principals Mr Imran Zaharias (extreme left) & Mr Lawrence (second from right).

Piston about to seize (loss of  power)

This good result has also catapulted Jon to 2nd in the championship. For sure, the team will continue to challenge for a better result next round. At the same time, it is necessary to rethink the strategy before the race day, especially on preserving the engine performance for the race.

“I feel sad to leave Kartmaster Drakar Racing Team (previously known as Drakar Racing Team). The sponsorship has supported me through five years of racing and played an important role in my achievements to date. Five years is a long partnership for any karter but it’s been a good run. On the other hand, I’m also pleased that TPCRG has come forward to support me in ROK Cup 2015. Although this is my first year in the Senior category but rest assured that I will do my best and continue to secure as many podiums as possible and make the new team proud," said Jon.

TPCRG Team Principal, Mr. Lawrence who handpicked Jon said, "TPCRG recognizes the potential of this aspiring driver. We hope with our guidance and support, he will show victory from the Podium of future international races. Jon is the latest driver from our string of talents which CRG Singapore provided the opportunity to compete in ROK Cup 2015. We believe with our continuous effort, this race season will be a stepping stone to achieve his goal of racing as his career.”

Jon with Team Principal, Mr Lawrence.

Look out for the next two rounds of the ROK Cup 2015:

Round 3 – 27 June 2015
Round 4 - 11 July 2015

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