3 May 2015

X30 Challenge 2015 (Round 1)

X30 Challenge 2015
2 May 2015, KF1 Circuit

After participating in three Senior Category races this year, Jon is adapting well in the new category.

If you are wondering why Jon is racing in the Junior category in the X30 Challenge 2015, it’s because we chose to. Starting this year, the Singapore Motor Sports Association has decided not to state the category in the racing license. This makes it easier and gives flexibility to a karter to decide on the preferred race category during his transition period.

Racing in Round 1 of Rok Cup 2015 a week ago, Jon and his mechanic encountered many problems with the ROK DVS engine which they are using for the first time. This week, they are trying out the Iame X30 engine which they have never used before.

So why are they taking so much risks with those engines? It’s all done with the good intention to support new local races. Furthermore, they will use an old Kosmic kart to race in the X30 Challenge, which can’t fit front brakes as required in the Senior Category

Race results
                                                                         Qualifying:     1st
                                                                         Race 1:          1st
                                                                         Race 2:          1st
                                                                         Overall:          1st 

This is the first time that Jon has competed in three different races held back-to-back over three weekends. With eight more days of examination papers to clear, Jon would have to shift his focus from the track to his textbooks. Hope he passes with flying colours!

More pictures of the race can be viewed here (facebook of X30 Challenge Singapore)

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