16 June 2015

Asia Max Challenge (Round 4)

Asia Max Challenge
13-14 June 2015, Elite Speedway Malaysia

Asia Max Challenge (AMC) Round 4 held at Elite Speedway track on June 13th and 14th was a tough weekend for the team. Even though the race was held on the same track as the previous round but it did not help the team in terms of set-up at all. Due to the rainy season, the track condition has changed dramatically. The team has to find new set-ups all over again and it proved to be a challenging affair.

Even up till Qualifying on Sat morning, Jon and the team was not able to find a proper set-up for the kart. To make matter worst, the engine was misfiring thus resulting in Jon only managing to secure position 17th. In Heat 1 and 2, starting both from 17th, Jon was able to gain a few positions, securing 14th and 12th respectively. This combination of the two heats enabled Jon to start from position 14th for the Pre-Finals.

On Sunday morning, it was raining heavily but it soon stooped. The track was still wet for the warm-up session and the team changed the kart to wet settings. After the warm-up, the team waited till the last 10 minutes to convert back the kart to dry settings. Under the tight timeline and some confusions, the rear hubs were not changed to the correct ones. In the Pre-Final, Jon was not able to race all out as the kart rear tires were sliding around at most of the corners due to the wrong hub. This caused Jon to loose positions and ended at 15th eventually.

Upon returning to the pit, only did the team found out the mistake. The Final was held in the afternoon and most teams anticipated a wet race but the sky held. Starting from 15th, it was a good start without much incident. Jon was able to overtake a few drivers and at one point, he was at position 9th. Unfortunately, Jon was not able to defend his position on the 2nd last lap as his engine top speed loose out to the 2 drivers from behind. Eventually, Jon came back to finish at 11th spot, the highest spot among all the CRG drivers. It was not the result the team expected and it seems that there are still lot of work that need to be done on the chassis.

Next round will be held at Sepang. Unfortunately, the race dates coincide with Jon’s year end examinations thus he may not be able to race. The team will plan out if Jon can reach the track on Saturday for the races without the practice sessions.

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